Easiest and fastest way to get your US Green card and citizenship

India is a fast-growing market for EB5 applicants, seeking to migrate to the United States for educational, business and career opportunities not only for themselves but for their families and children too.

Following their graduation from US colleges, many students prefer to gain work experience in the U.S.A and become residents too. This is where the EB5 program can open up a vista of opportunities that students would not otherwise have.

The EB5 visa can be the key to setting up your child in the U.S.A before or after they have studied there as it not only helps in employment after but can also save you thousands of dollars in educational fee and opens up many opportunities whilst in college such as seeking valuable internships etc

Visa Application Process

Step - 1

Obtain Conditional Green Card

24-30* Months

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Project selection & I-526 Preparation

  • Engage EB-5 Attorney
  • Project Due Diligence
  • Source of funds & Investment into Escrow

File I-526 Petition with USCIS

  • Adjudication takes estimated 19.5-25 months2

Obtain Visa Number 

  • Obtain VISA through consular interview process or adjustment of status.
  • Date of eligibility for interview or change of status will depend on I-526 priority date.

Receive Conditional US Green Card

  • Valid for 2 years upon first entry.

Step 2

Conditional Permanent Residency Period

24 Months

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Conditional Permanent Residency(“CPR”) Period.

  • Commences upon first entry into the US on Conditional Green Card.
  • Eligible to live & Work in the United States, Unlimited entry & exit.
  • Children eligible to attend public K-12 school & receive local college tuition rates.
  • Requires-180  days per year of residency.
  • Eligible to receive return of investment at end of CPR.

Step 3

Obtain Permanent US green Card

30- 39* Months

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File I-829 Petition with USCIB

  • File I-829 Petition with USCIB 90 days prior to expiration of CPR.
  • Petition provides support for EB5 job creation & investor residency/Conduct during CPR period.
  • Adjudication takes an estimated 30-39 month2

Receive Permanent US Green Card

  • Valid for 10 years unlimited renewals

Apply for US Citizenship (if desired)

  • Time spent in the US since entry on conditional green card credited towards 5-year residency requirements.

Investment Process

Review Team Invictus service project offerings

Choose a project

Sign agreement to Invest in a Project

Set up an escrow account and transfer funds

File your I-526 Petition with USCIS

The EB5 Project Selection Process begins by reviewing Team Invictus services closed and current EB-5 Projects with one of our professionals.

Most EB5 Projects will require investments of $500,000 per participant, while some may require investments of $1,000,000. The higher amount might be required for EB5 Projects that have higher projected returns or greater safety.

The location of the Project does not matter for Immigration purposes. As an EB5 Participant, you can live anywhere in the United States.

Once you have selected an EB5 Project, Team Invictus services experts will work with you to complete a Subscription Booklet. We can assist in English, Punjabi, Hindi, Urdu, Turkish, Russian, French or in your native language.

EB-5 Process

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